Official Selection, 2010 Locarno, San Sebastian and Toronto Film Festivals.

 Norberto apenas tarde
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Noberto's Deadline

Director: Daniel Hendler Country: Argentina Year: 2010
Cast: César Troncoso
Eugenia Guerty
Roberto Suárez
Run Time: 85 min Festival Locarno FF 2010
San Sebastian FF 2010
Toronto FF 2010
Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards 2012
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2011
Lume International Film Festival 2011


This quirky comedy is the first directorial effort for actor Daniel Hendler (WHISKY, THE DOG POUND). Afraid to tell his wife, Silvia, that he's lost his job as an administrator, Norberto takes a new position selling real estate. Shy by nature, he takes his new boss's advice to be more assertive by signing up for an acting class. While preparing for the class's big production, Silvia decides to move out, having tired of Norberto's evasiveness.

Ironically, while Norberto fails to convince his boss that he can sell real estate or his wife that he can be reliable, he shows solid signs of becoming a very good actor.