"Lovely...an admirable documentary"

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"Not just inspired and inspirational--it's a pretty damn cool road movie, too."

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 Mundo alas
(2009) on IMDb

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Mundo Alas

Director: Leon Geico
Sebastian Schindel
Fernando Molnar
Country: Argentina Year: 2010
Cast: Leon Geico and the performers
of the Mundo Alas Tour.
Run Time: 90 mins Festival Mumbai International Film Festival
Docupolis, Chile
Krakow Int'l FF, Poland
Trieste Latin American Film Festival
EDOC Film Festival

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina 2009
Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards 2010
Clarín Entertainment Awards 2009


León Gieco, the legendary activist folk-rocker known as "the Argentinean Bob Dylan," organized the remarkable musical tour chronicled in this uplifting and entertaining documentary. Gathering together musicians and artists of different abilities and disabilities, some of them old friends, others new recruits, he takes "Mundo Alas: An Alternative Tour" on a triumphant circuit of Argentina that climaxes at the gigantic Luna Park arena in Buenos Aires. As limbless harmonica player Pancho Chevez requests, "Don't treat me as a handicapped person but as a musician." Luminous musical performances and gorgeous scenery form the backdrop for the performers' growing rapport both on and off the stage.