"Costa Rican writer-director Hilda Hidalgo has seemingly unlocked the key to translating the cerebral sensuality of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s writing into film, providing one of the few screen adaptations worthy of the Colombian novelist’s source material."

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"beautifully lush and sensual adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s acclaimed novel Of Love and Other Demons"

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"…her (Eliza Triana) steady gaze it becomes hard to look away from her when she’s on the screen."

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 Del amor y otros demonios
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Del Amor y Otros Demonios

Director: Hilda Hidalgo Country: Colombia
Costa Rica
Year: 2009
Cast: Pablo Derqui
Eliza Triana
Damian Alcazar
Run Time: 95 mins Festival Palm Springs IFF 2010
Cine Ceará - National Cinema Festival 2010
Hamptons International Film Festival 2010
Los Angeles Film Festival 2010


"Love, faith and superstition cross paths in this drama adapted from a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Sierva (Eliza Triana) is a twelve-year-old girl who is the daughter of socially and politically prominent parents; however, their lives are hectic enough that they rarely see their own child, and Sierva has largely been brought up by the African servants who look after the house. Sierva is bitten by a dog and develops symptoms of rabies; unfortunately, it's a common local superstition that rabies is a symptom of demonic possession, and instead of taking her to a doctor, Sierva's minders put her in the care of a priest, Cayetano (Pablo Derqui). The bishop who oversees Cayetano insists he perform an exorcism, but the thirty-something priest believes in gentler, more forgiving form of worship, and as he tries to invoke the power of the Lord to help Sierva, he becomes convinced that she's ill, not possessed. But he also has issues of his own to confront when he finds himself drawn to the lovely but feral young woman. Del Amory Otros Demonios (aka Love and Other Demons) was the first feature film written and directed by Hilda Hidalgo, who was encouraged by Gabriel Garcia Marquez after interviewing him at a meeting of student filmmakers in Cuba."