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Juan de los muertos

Director: Alejandro Brugues Country: Cuba
Year: 2012
Cast: Antonio Dechent
Jorge Molina
Andros Perugorría
Run Time: 92 mins Festival Miami FF 2012 Audience Award Winner
Goya for Best Iberoamerican Film 2013
Fantasporto, Best Director 2012


The zombie movie world has yet to witness one last stand; Cuba. In the middle of what official media refers as isolated incidents provoked by dissidents paid by the US government, in a Havana filled with flesh eating zombies, one hero, Juan, comes to the rescue. The only way to kill the zombies is to destroy their brains, so Juan realizes there is an upside to the situation, and sets-up a 'Zombia Busters hotline' with the tagline "We kill your beloved ones" and business takes off.Mayhem has never been this funny, or politically charged."