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"None of us may ever have the chance to take part in one of Burmeister’s works, but if you’re lucky you might have a chance to see his story."

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"[The] Directors... capture the action without judgement or negativity, resulting in a delightful film to watch."

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"Argentine directors Eduardo de la Serna, Lucas Marcheggiano and Adriana Yurovich's 'The Peddler' (El ambulante) profiles a filmmaker who brings new meaning to the DIY approach."

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El Ambulante

Director: Eduardo de la Serna
Lucas Marcheggiano
Adriana Yurcovich
Country: Argentina Year: 2011
Cast: Daniel Burmeister Run Time: 84 mins Festival BAFICI 2010 Nominated for Best Film
Abu Dhabi 2010
IDFA 2010
SXSW 2011
MOMA Documentary Fortnight 2011
FEST, Portugal 2013

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2010
IBAFF International Film Festival 2011
Lume International Film Festival 2011


"Meet Daniel Burmeister, the most prolific filmmaker you've never heard of. Armed with a camera, a lamp for night shoots, and enough charm to persuade entire towns to join in on his dreams, this tireless, jolly DIY veteran rolls in his beat up old car from one backwater Argentine town to another, where, in exchange for room and board, he turns out a feature film in 30 days. Adapting one of his ready-made scripts to each town, he temporarily transforms these sleepy villages into bustling back lots and the bored populace into avid performers. Coupling high energy with irresistible salesmanship, Burmeister keeps in constant motion. It took the combined efforts of three filmmakers to keep up with him, and their camera is there to capture his every move, recording his reflections on life, his recollections of his past, and his remarkable ability to solve a host of on-set mishaps. From the first call of "Action" to the "world" premiere of each village production, The Peddler is a delightful documentary valentine to the magic of moviemaking."