"TL-2: la felicidad es una leyenda urbana is the new movie by the enigmatic director Tetsuo Lumiére, also responsible for the acclaimed TL-1: Mi reino por un platillo volador (TL-1: My Kingdom for a Flying Saucer)."

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TL-2: La felicidad es una leyenda urbana (2009) on IMDb

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TL-2 Happiness is an Urban Legend

Director: Tetsuo Lumière Country: Argentina Year: 2009
Cast: Tetsuo Lumiere
Ana Maria Castel
Natalia Santiago,
Run Time: 85 mins Festival Mar de Plata International Film Festival 2009

Winner Best Movie Argentina.


Lumi has always dreamed of making the best science fiction movie of all time. In the process, he manages to fall in love with both a blind girl named Lourdes and her best friend Natasha. A passionate and secret romance plays out with both girls. At the same time, he convinces his childhood psychiatrist to take on the role of the arch-villain of his movie, which is being produced by a textile company. Lumi ends up blinded by greed and his base instincts, and nothing turns out as planned. As a result, his mother goes crazy obsessively searching for Lumi's real father.