"...features a high-wire, arguably career-best performance by thesp Erica Rivas"

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"The edgy shooting style and a sound design that stresses the protagonist’s subjective point of view keeps the audience a little on edge, waiting for a crisis to emerge.”"

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"It’s a movie which opens an interesting debate as to how thin the line can be when deciding that a child has been treated."

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 Por tu culpa
(2010) on IMDb

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Por tu culpa

Director: Anahí Berneri Country: Argentina Year: 2011
Cast: Erica Rivas
Nicasio Galán
Zenón Galán
Run Time: 87 mins Festival Berlinale- Berlin International Film Festival 2010
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010
San Sebastian International Film Festival 2010
Cartagena Film Festival 2011
BFI London Film Festival 2011


Julieta (Erica Rivas) is a divorced mother of two young boys, Valentin (Nicasio Galan) and Teo (Zenon Galan). Julieta struggles to get by on a limited income and a busy schedule, and she's having a particularly bad day -- while her ex-husband Guillermo (Ruben Viani) was supposed to have the kids this evening, he's late getting back from a business trip, and as she struggles to finish an important report for work, the boys are arguing and refusing to obey her orders to go to bed. When Teo falls from his bunk bed while scrapping with his brother, Julieta thinks he might be hurt and takes him to the emergency room of a nearby hospital room.