"The film has sense of fun that’s appealing. First time director Hernan Golfrid endows the film with a breezy pace that keeps the plot moving."

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 Música en espera
(2009) on IMDb

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Música en espera

Director: Hernán Goldfrid Country: Argentina Year: 2009
Cast: Natalia Oreiro
Diego Peretti
Norma Aleandro
Run Time: 106 mins


"Ezequiel is a film composer but his latest score has left his director less than satisfied. The director wants him to create a signature theme, which is no easy task.

Ezquiel can’t find inspiration until he gets put on hold while trying to make a payment to the bank. But before he can write down the notes his call is connected.

Now he is now desperate to hear the music again, so he decides to go down to the bank. That’s when he meets Paula, a pregnant bank employee who just happens to be in need of a stand in boyfriend to fool her visiting mother. In a moment of desperation, Paula turns Ezequiel into her missing boyfriend Santiago.