"The road trip, recalling similar journeys in Westerns, reps the pic’s best section, showcasing a scarred land controlled by military overseers and brigands"

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"Retratos en un mar de mentiras is an alluring and well-written narrative and reflection of the modern day Colombian society."

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 Retratos en un mar de mentiras
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Retratos en un mar de mentiras

Director: Carlos Gaviria Country: Colombia Year: 2010
Cast: Paola Baldion
Julian Roman
Edgardo Roman
Run Time: 91 mins Festival Montreal IFF 2010
Pusan IFF 2010
Amiens International Film Festival 2010
Austin International Film Festival of the Americas 2011
Berlin International Film Festival 2010
Bogota Film Festival 2010
Cartagena Film Festival 2010
Giffoni Film Festival 2010
Guadalajara Mexican Film Festival 2010
Kerala International Film Festival 2010
Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival 2010
New York Latino Film Festival 2010
Valladolid International Film Festival 2010
Viña del Mar Film Festival 2010


Following the death of their grandfather who died in a landslide that engulfed his hut, Jairo and Marina decide to take a trip back into their past to try to recover the land from which they were displaced long ago. Jairo, a roving photographer and Marina, who has lost her memory and is mute, are cousins. Their trip in a beaten up old Renault R4 takes them from Bogotá to the place on the coast where they were outcasts so many years ago. Each day they spend in the car, the more they find themselves being sucked in by the memory of their traumatic past. As soon as they arrive in their home town they are abducted by armed assailants. Jairo is injured while trying to escape. When Marina sees the ruins of her parents’ house she gradually begins to remember the massacre that claimed the lives of everyone in her family except hers. In the end, she receives the deeds to the family home, but Jairo endangers Marina’s life, and she has no option but to continue to fight the ghosts of the past.