"Two Argentinean acting vets strike real dramatic sparks in “Brother and Sister,” an affectionate and melancholy look at the ups and downs of the troubled relationship between two sixtysomething siblings."

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"Review: “Daniel Burman is now firmly established in the middle of the road, dealing here again with his favorite milieu, the assimilated Jewish bourgeoisie in his homeland."

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Dos Hermanos

Director: Daniel Burman Country: Argentina Year: 2010
Cast: Antonio Gasalla
Graciela Borges
Elena Lucena
Run Time: 105 mins Festival Chicago International Film Festival 2010
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2010
Karloy Vay International Film Festival 2010


"In this often comic masterpiece of acting, two of Argentina’s most respected actors play “Susana” and “Marcos,” a sister and brother no longer even middle-aged but still locked in emotional combat dating back to their childhood. With their mother dead, Marcos is bundled off to a backwater town in Uruguay, while Susana proceeds to drain the estate of its last peso to pay off her debts which have sustained an arrogant lifestyle. When she discovers that Marcos is actually enjoying his time in Uruguay – even going so far as to fall in love – Susana sets out to destroy that dream, too. She is such a powerhouse of arrogance, egotism, and selfishness that one can’t help but laugh even when she is at her evilest."