"Estrella del Sur captures the shear senseless violence that haunts these young people daily."

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Estrella del Sur

Director: Gabriel Gonzalez Rodriguez Country: Colombia Year: 2012
Cast: David Trejos
Julieth Restrepo
Carolina Galeano
Run Time: 111 mins Festival Huelva Film Festival 2012
Cartagena Film Festival 2012


The writer and director of Estrella del sur gave film classes to teachers and students at the school where the film was shot. It is their experiences that provide the material for this fictional film based on a series of true stories. The arrival of a new teacher from up north to a school in a rough area of South Bogota allows us to witness events from the viewpoint of an outsider, adding an element of naturalness and logic to the narrative.

It is the school kids who bear the weight of the action, spearheaded by Antonio, who has taken over as head of his family in the absence of his father and who dreams of a better life. Despite its realism, the film avoids excesses and the glorification of violence, while a well-developed lead character and the dramatic force of a story that at once shocks and moves has us invested in every scene: these are human beings who live, suffer and die in the dead-end alley they have had the misfortune to be born in. A promising debut by a director who knows how to pace the action.