"One of the trickier brands of comedy to pull off is deadpan humor. There's a subtle sense of timing required and actors must deliver immensely sincere performances without going over-the-top."

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"Anyone who’s been to Costa Rica will recognize pura vida in this sweet, lighthearted comedy about four Ticos who become fast friends and business partners in the cockfighting business."

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Por las Plumas

Director: Neto Villalobos Country: Costa Rica Year: 2013
Cast: Marvin Acosta
Allan Cascante
Sylvia Sossa
Run Time: 85 Mins Festival Toronto International Film Festival
San Sebastián Film Festival
Miami Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival


"Por las Plumas - All About the Feathers" is a film about ordinary people who upon appearance never have anything out of the ordinary happen to them. Common, simple people like Chalo. Chalo is found searching for a rooster, while unconsciously truly seeking a companion. This is not a film about cockfighting, but rather a simple story with a sense of humor whose purpose is to infect others with the subsequent outlook on life; it is better to laugh than cry.