"Warm, smooth and inviting, well-acted, good at linking its multiple plots and achieved environment: the San Fermin festival and its tumultuous atmosphere are described realistically and with style, the stories are integrated into the party with right hand"
- Jordi Batlle Caminal, FOTOGRAMAS

"Blue Lips shows skillfully cultures and feelings that intersect at a crucial time for its protagonists. It is not a documentary, but documents on human identity. "
- Lluís Bonet Mojica , LA VANGUARDIA

"directors are able to close a puzzle with unity of style (well made, excellent photography) in all for one, one for all"
- Carlos Marañon, Cinemania

 José e Pilar
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Blue Lips

Director: Daniela De Carlo
Julieta Lima
Gustavo Lipsztein
Antonello Novellino
Nacho Ruipérez
Nobu Shima
Country: Spain Year: 2014
Cast: Dudu Azevedo
Malena Sánchez
Simone Castano
Avi Rothman
Mariana Cordero
Keona Cross
Run Time: 90 mins Festival Valladolid International Film Festival


Six characters from six different cities around the world (Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Buenos Aires, Rome and Pamplona) experience an event in their lives that kills something inside them. Unable to cope with these deaths, they are lost and without direction. For different reasons, they will all travel to Pamplona during San Fermin Festival 2012. This dramatic scenario will force them to confront themselves. The relationships with each other will help them face and overcome the conflicts that are killing their inner selves.