“While there are moments of power, the pic’s metaphor of enforced silence — the one person wanting to shout against the system is muted — renders the concept overly obvious. Fest chatter will be more vocal.”

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"This offbeat take on judicial corruption from Peru’s Vega brothers follows their Cannes award winner “October” and stars Fernando Bacilio in a role which won him best actor at Locarno."

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 El Mudo – The Mute

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El Mudo – The Mute

Director: Daniel Vega Vidal
Diego Vega Vidal
Country: Peru Year: 2013
Cast: Fernando Bacilio
Lidía Rodríguez
Juan Luís Maldonado
Run Time: 86 min Festival Locarno Film Festival
Mumbai Film Festival
Stockholm Film Festival
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema
Cartagena Film Festival
Havana Film Festival
Nantes Three Continents Festival
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Premio iberoamericano de Cine Fenix (Fenix Film Awards)
Unasur Cine International Film Festival


The story is about a Peruvian government official named Constantino Zega. He doesnt fit anywhere among the hodge-podge of Peruvian government officials and looks down on his colleagues because he has never succumbed to an act of corruption and, every time he has had the opportunity to do so, he has made an effort to impede it. Over his two decades as a government official he has cultivated purity - the fuel for his soul. Now forty, this solitary soldier is a married man and father to a teenage girl who never stops reading and thinks her father is wrong. He doesnt care what his wife and daughter think. Constantino has taken his principles to the extreme in order to prove to himself that he is not like his father, a man who ended his days in poverty because of corruption. One morning, Constantino leaves his house and a stray bullet goes through his throat. He doesnt die but becomes mute. After his recovery, the only thing of which he is certain is that someone from his office tried to kill him.