"Long Shadow of an All-Powerful Neighbor - The Great Fallacy’ Centers on U.S. Role in Puerto Rico"

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"Paco Vásquez' progressive broadside THE GREAT FALLACY: The Milking of the Puerto Rican Colony"

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"La Gran Falacia is a unilaterally scathing agitprop documentary on Puerto Rico's "social decomposition," a film that should perhaps come with a warning label."

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The Great Fallacy (2013) on IMDb

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The Great Fallacy

Director: Paco Vazquez Country: Puerto Rico Year: 2013
Cast: Run Time: 86 Mins Festival Sunscreen Film Festival 2013
Rincon International Film Festival (PR), 2013


The Great Fallacy is a documentary about the political, economic, and social situation of Puerto Rico. Based on current circumstances of the Island and using history as the foundation for the film, this documentary reveals how politicians manipulate the system so big corporations can maintain control. The Great Fallacy also promotes solutions for the people to force changes to the system through themselves and not through the government.