DGA Nomination for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2015

Platino Awards for Iberoamerican Cinema 2015

Nominated Platino Award Best Actress


As a piece of storytelling, “A Wolf at the Door” may be a tawdry little shocker. But on a visceral level, it is a knife to the gut.

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"An adulterous affair leads to tragedy in this taut Brazilian variation on "Fatal Attraction."

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"In his first film Coimbra already appears to be a master of the cinematic tightrope walk.."

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A Wolf at the Door

Director: Fernando Coimbra Country: Brazil Year: 2014
Cast: Leandra Leal
Milhem Cortaz
Fabíola Nascimento
Run Time: 101 Mins Festival San Sebastian FF
Havana FF
Miami FF
Rio de Janeiro FF
Toronto International FF


Set in Rio de Janeiro, A WOLF AT THE DOOR is based on real events, and is a nerve-rattling tale of a kidnapped child and the terror of the parents left behind. When Sylvia discovers her six-year-old daughter has been picked up at school by an unknown woman, police summon her husband Bernardo to the station for questioning. There Bernardo confesses his extra-marital affair with Rosa, whom detectives believe to be involved in the kidnapping. Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Coimbra's suspenseful debut feature captures the heightened anxiety of every parent’s worst nightmare, casting a light upon the cruelties of which humans are capable.