From the Producer of Gravity and writer of Y tú mamá también, Carlos Cuarón

"This is the talent that distinguishes Cuarón like one of the greatest contemporary Mexican writers, his vision is sharp, able of creating daily stories with multiple lectures and levels"
- La Butaca

"Far from being a sugary movie like it could be thought to be, it has it’s intense moments"
- Excelsior

Sugar Kisses
(2013) on IMDb

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Sugar Kisses

Director: Carlos Cuarón Country: Mexico Year: 2013
Cast: Héctor Jiménez
Veronica Falcón
Kristyan Ferrer
Run Time: 85 Mins Festival Guadalajara International Film Festival


Nacho is a kid that has a crash into Mayra, the daughter of the leader of a gang of thieves and street vendors, La Diabla. She opposed to that relationship, and Nacho and Mayra will discover the love and the first steps into adulthood.