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The Best in Latin American and Spanish Cinema.

Todo Cine Latino (TCL) represents a home for many of the best feature films and documentaries coming out of Latin American and the Iberian peninsula. We travel the world looking for films that are funny, sad, frightening, and that make us think and feel. The only pre-requisite for a film to be on TCL is that we like the film, and think the stories and the film-makers have created something unique and interesting, that you will enjoy too.

In some instances, the films on TCL have been theatrically released via our sister-company Outsider Pictures, but for many of the films we represent, TCL is the first exposure for the film and film-maker in the United States and Canada. We want you to enjoy the films and recommend them to your friends, and even if you don't like a film, we hope you'll appreciate the hard work and craft that went into making it, and you'll still come back to see the other films we have to offer.

TCL is founded by filmmakers, and we will never move away from our goal of bringing the best in Latin American cinema to our audience. In return, the Filmmakers receive the majority of the revenue generated by TCL, which we hope they will be able to re-invest in making new films.

...and remember, you won't find the movies on TCL anywhere else on-line in the US - they are only on TCL because our goal is to become THE place that cinema lovers come to find the best in Latin cinema.